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Let me give a short explanation about Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Service it is a way to show your advertisements on Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and YouTube etc. Now, you must be thinking is YouTube a Search Engine? Yes, of course at least I consider it.

There are many unique ways to advertise on these platforms and this blog will tell you about this in detail.

See What’s in for you:

  • SEM in Detail
  • SEO vs SEM
  • Some SEM Terms
  • Why is SEM Important or benefits of SEM
  • Types of Google Ads
  • Where do we go wrong
  • Conclusion: Get more customers

What is SEM?

It is a Digital Marketing Strategy to increase the visibility of your website by showing Advertisements on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Search Engine Marketing or so-called “Paid Search” or “Pay-Per-Click (PPC)” is a Tactic used by Digital Marketers to advertise and optimize the Ads to appear on the top of the Search Result.

This strategy is based on Auctions where you bid on any keyword for your ad to be shown on the top of the Search Result on Search Engines. 

About BeWeSocial –

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People have some misconceptions in their minds about SEM.

SEO and PPC both are the crucial part of Search Engine Marketing only it’s just that PPC is Paid. In SEO you need not pay the Search Engine.

You get a free spot in Search Engine Results Pages whereas in SEM you pay to the Search Engines to show up your website or product. Both SEO and SEM increase the visitor to your website. SEO is an organic way to rank but in SEM you skip all these steps of SEO and get a Paid advertisement for you to Rank on Top Results.

Some SEM Terms 

1.) PPC (Pay-Per-Click) – In SEM, PPC is the most popular form of Paid Ad. The advertiser just need to publish an advertisement to show up an ad but then he needs to pay for that ad if the user clicks on the link and visits the website but if the user doesn’t click the link the ad is free for the advertiser. It costs a small fee for each click by the user in PPC but Return on Investment (ROI) is much much greater than that fee.

For example, if you pay 10 Rupees per click but the user purchases 1000 Rupees product or service from you, You have made a considerably good profit on that.

2.) CPA (Cost-Per-Acquisition) – It is a formula of PPC. Which is calculated by Total Campaign Cost divided by Conversions is equal to CPA. This formula is used to determine whether your Paid Ad is resulting in Profit or is it costing more than you’re making. 

3.) CPC (Cost-Per-Click) – It is a type of PPC Ads which tells the Actual Cost Paid by the Advertiser for a Click.

4.) CPM (Cost-Per-Thousand-Impressions) – The Amount Paid to the Search Engines per 1000 impressions.

Why are SEM Important & Benefits of SEM

Benefits of SEM and why SEM is important. 

It plays a very crucial part because SEO and organic reach take some time to show result and Ads take up to 2-3 hours to get approved and here you go it starts showing up instant results.

If the Ads are placed in a correct form and in a proper way they can give you a lot beyond your imaginations.

You just need an SEM Expert – We can help you in that. We are SEM Company in Jodhpur. We can also manage the Google Ads Services in Jodhpur.

Types of Google Ads Campaign Type

1.) Search Ads – These are keyword-based ads. When the user searches something the result is shown there the first result is an Ad. These are Text Ads. 

2.) Display Ads – These ads are known for Image Ads. You must have seen a lot of display ads on many blogger and WordPress websites.

3.) Video Ads – As the name suggests these are video form of Ads. A lot of you must have seen the ads on YouTube videos. These are called Video Ads.

4.) Shopping Ads – These type of Ads are basically for E-Commerce Websites selling products. You must have seen the Ads with some price on google or yahoo.

5.) Universal App Campaign – These type of Ads are specially for Apps that are published on Google Play Store to increase visibility and downloads.

Where do we go wrong 

Assumptions always hurt a lot and they are your big-time enemy and I can bet you one thing that no one can be perfect with Ads he has to go with Test and Trial Method. You always have to test 2-3 ads and understand your targeted audience to attract and convert more and more customers.

A mantra of Blocking and Tracking gave by Mr Neil Patel can help you more in SEM.

The SEM could be frustrating and are more often unsuccessful. But it does mean you have to quit. It’s just that you have test and trial more and more.

Conclusion: Get more Customers

Get more customer and instant customers, as in go and acquire more targeted customers. SEM Expert or Advertiser must well understand his targeted audience. As I said it is an ART no one can give you result in one ad he has to understand the audience and go with “Test and Trial” Method. Always remember to go with BEST PRACTICES.  Get Profession help of SEM Expert. And we are here SEM Company Jodhpur that can manage Google Ads Services in Jodhpur for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How can Search Engine Marketing help a Company?

Search Engine Marketing can help a Company to grow and reach their targeted audience with the help of showing Advertisements on Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and YouTube.

Which platform is best for Search Engine Marketing?

In my opinion all the Platforms like Google, Yahoo and YouTube are best. It’s just the requirement of the Advertiser like YouTube is good for Video Type of Ads and Google is best for text type of Ads.

What is the Scope of Search Engine Marketing?

If you ask me the Scope of Search Engine Marketing – I will tell you to just watch a video on YouTube or Search anything on Google or Yahoo you get to see lots and lots of Ads. Here, you get the answer to the Scope of Search Engine Marketing.

Should I go for PPC (Pay-Per-Click) or SEO?

As a hardcore Digital Marketer working with lots and lots of clients. I have realised and experienced that most clients prefer both PPC and SEO because SEO gives free and organic traffic and PPC gives you instant results.

Is PPC marketing still profitable?

Yes, PPC marketing is still profitable. You must be thinking How? For example, you launched a new product if you do SEO for it, this part will take time to show up results. But if you run a PPC marketing Ads you will get the results in 2-3 days of marketing. Contact BeWeSocial for PPC service in Jodhpur.